Good afternoon everyone! Hope you all always feeling good everyday..

Actually my mood can't changed easily, but sometimes I didn't understand my own feeling. I don't know why :(

In this pandemic, my company allowed me to work from home (WFH). So I went home to my grandfather's house from my boarding house because my parents don't have a house since they are married. Their parents didn't allowed them to build their own house because my mother is an only child. So, we live in this house together.

Back to the topic. As long as I WFH, I'm totally happy because this is the job I dreamed of. Just doing coding in front of my personal computer, I can lying in the bed when I'm tired, using T-Shirt everyday, etc. But sometimes I'm feeling lonely without real conversation with real friends, and this situation makes me more hikikomori because I can't going out. Honestly I rarely going out from home, but when I'm bored I often going out alone for refreshing such as department store (to buy skincare), movie theater, fast food restaurant, etc. And unfortunately I can't do that right now. Although this is a new normal and there are so many stores, movie theaters, parks is open but I'm still scared. My body actually too weak. I get sick easily so I guest my immunity is not strong enough so better to avoid going out.

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My Favourite Song Right Now

Hello, it's me. You can call me yuki or mari ahahaha whatever. Because i love marius and snow.

Today i watch Sexy Zone Pages Live Tour 2019 and suddenly i love "青い恋人"
OMG! fumaken voices really really like an angel. And this is my favourite lyrics

繋いでいたはずの手と手が 音も立てず解(ほど)けてく
ごめんねの一言さえ 出てこない
「君を幸せにする」なんて ちょっと茶化して言ったけど
伝えに行くよ 今度こそは、「愛してる。」と

I want to cry when i listen this song. Really love it. Thank you so much sexy zone. I will always support you all (5 members). And I hope sou chan back.

PAGES Live Tour

Hari ini adalah hari libur yang bener-bener libur dimana aku cuma di kos seharian. Lagian hari ini juga hujan, bersyukur deh aku ga keluar kemana mana. Trus aku baru ingat kalo Sexy Zone PAGES Live Tour 2019 belum kutonton. Cusslah kutonton saat itu juga, dan aku memfoto Marius ketika lagi kayak baca puisi gitu ga sih, aku ga paham juga hehe.
Intinya marius terlihat sangat jerman ketika disini hahaha.

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